October 28, 2016


Hello everyone,
I tried to "see", virtually, some colorful ideas with EQ5 software and I used only "Fans" for the firs row alternating with simple squares on the second row. The "Fans" here can be a Drunkards Path block.
On this setting I find scraps working well, I can use different prints for "Fans", but for now, this looks more consistent:

...and more consistent with the leafs on the same print:

 Also, I changed the Drunkards Path quilt block from a square in to a rectangle now 6"x8", (the long side can be more than 8" and will be more "pointy" look) rotating them and using different fabrics to have the contrast. I like it!
 Or this one...looks cute!

Well, until I'll start the real sewing, all the best for you my friends! 
Happy sewing!

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