October 28, 2016


Hello everyone,
I tried to "see", virtually, some ideas with EQ5 software and I used some quilt blocks as Fans and Drunkards Path. The Fans here can be done separated but they can be easily sewn together in a Nine Patch block.
On this setting I would like to try  the fans on different prints, too, but for now this looks more consistent:
...and more consistent with the leafs on the same print:
 Also, I changed the Drunkards Path quilt block from a square in to a rectangle now 6"x8", (the long side can be more than 8" and will be more "pointy" look) rotating them and using different fabrics to have the contrast. I like it!
 Or this one...looks cute!

Well, until I'll start the real sewing, all the best for you my friends! 
Happy sewing!

October 15, 2016

A late rose

Lovely weather these days!
I was on my garden and discover a late shy, purple-red rose, so healthy, so pretty! I love it!
Went to a farm here around, spending precious time there on Thanksgiving Day with my old daughter.

Also having these thoughts about starting to quilt again!
After more than 3 years break, I feel it is time to start all over because I see a future quilt in every image and I see quilt blocks everywhere! But I am thinking about some new ones...like the possibility to combine the old and well known 9 Patch or Churn Dash - both of them endless possibilities and beautiful quilt blocks, with Drunkards Path block, in a big one, new...

I'll be back soon with a real block made from some...fabric! maybe a quilt...
Be happy and healthy, my friends!!
Happy sewing!