April 18, 2015


Hello my friends,
It is already over a month since I've started a new blanket. I started with few diamonds in February,  another few I've made in March...So much work and so slow going...but it's pretty and I love it more and more. These images from this collage were my first ideas...
Then, another arrangement smashed my imagination and I'll stay with it! How about colored diamonds, going next or around each other, their size depending entirely on the yarn I have.(from the royal blue there, I manage to finish 15 diamonds...that's it! from the light blue, 21 diamonds, then the green and the purple...and so on...)
and from this layout here
 to this final image for now (which it can be slightly different at the end):
This is an image made with the help of EQ5, could be the final one for my blanket.
I'll use white yarn to join the diamonds, I founded on this post a pretty amazing way!!

(Oh, for Easter we had dinner with my family, amazing time! plus so much fun egg hunt ...
yet, a few days before, I saw here a pattern for cute egg with felt decorations...in Russian but diagrammed, turned on  these ...easy to make, easy, easy!...)

All the best for you, my friends,
Happy sewing, happy crafting!

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