March 15, 2015


Hello my friends,
 Lately I did no sewing (and it hurts!!!) but crocheting every much as I can.
I have used for a while now, this method that I really like, I didn't know it has a name in the crochet world:  join as you go = J.A.Y.G. 
Well, I have finished all my pillow covers this way(post and pictures soon) and the blankets I've made, including this last one:
It's interesting this granny square in two colors (it gives me the chance to use most of my yarns) but also it's kind of tricky when you change the color!
At the beginning, I didn't like how it turned, following the method fonded online, but I've made small changes and I love how it looks now, more accurate and neat! The final size for my squares is 7".
A hard but beautiful time I had, trying to find the right layout!!
It was fun arranging and turning, rotating and replacing all the pieces.

For the J.A.Y.G. method I searched and studied different ways - love, love, love! the Pinterest for this and many thanks to all pinners from there. My final choice looks like this.

I like the two colors granny square pattern! For my next project I'll find a way to make a (granny)diamond or a (granny) rectangle in two colors, put them in a new blanket, a new crocheted quilt....
I have in mind something like a churn dash quilt pattern or a harlequin look but not really...I'm still searching (Oh! Julie Harrison, she has a beautiful tutorial here and I know, it's about making something else, but hey it's pretty!!)
Until next time, have a happy St. Patrick's Day!! Sásta lá St. Patrick!!! and take care of you my friends! Happy sewing, happy crocheting...