April 13, 2014

Knitting On Saturday Morning

Hello my friends,
Just taking a short break from my early Saturday morning knitting and catch on, an image, the way I left the bed...

 During this winter, all the time I knitted fingerless mittens...I need to try a cabled pattern, so here I am, working this peachy soft yarn. I founded difficult for me to switch the stitches going circular, so I split and now I'm working front and back. Here is a front image also showing the increase I've made for the thumb. This is the mitten for the left hand.
Here's the back.
I separated the stitches for the thumb and I used 4 knitting needles to finish it, now I am back working the cabled pattern again.
Some of my others fingerless mittens are like these:
So useful and so cozy! The blue-gray ones are made using Patton's Kroy Socks, the second ones are made from an Icelandic Wool Yarn - love them!( and I have five pairs more...but not pictures, yet.)
I had fun knitting all of these.
Happy ...knitting!