October 20, 2013

Crochet, Sweet Bread and Fluffy Pancakes

Hello everyone!
This weekend wasn't so busy, just a nice yarn - so it was crochet, crochet again! the result is this cozy mug rug!
and back:
 ...and with some Rose Turkish Delight, a soft Sweet Bread! It was gooood.

But how about some fluffy pancakes!?
This is a "M" from/for Miha: 
And this is an "V" from/for Vero
A snake!

 ...I don't know what's this......
Have a nice week, my friends!

October 04, 2013


Hello everyone!
After picking our own apples, here, the temptation was too big: I had to make apple jam, apple pies... I had apple in my dreams, too...I like that!

Dave Souliere and Harmony Road, nice voices! We had a great time!

We love this fruit!

Happy sewing!

October 02, 2013

Dark Pink

Hello my dear friends,
I'm excited to finish my late projects, like this pillow cover:

I looked everywhere for this yarn, and for a long time!
(this is my first attempt to crochet after  100 years...) didn't find it, so I decided to make the back one color and knitted, maybe I'll make a pattern or not..will see!

 Happy... knitting!!