September 17, 2013

...not afraid by corners!

Nope!...I'm not afraid by corners!
Well, not anymore! If you take you time, like a good quilter you are, and understand what's happening in that corner, the technique is very simple!
In the past, I had such hard time fighting with these corners!
That's why, now, I follow these steps:
  • measure the diamond side and add 1/2 ", to know square side,
  • mark one corner with a black/white pencil, depends on the fabric color,
  • position the star under the needle, like this
  •  it's an Y seam there, between two of the eight points of the star, so it must open easily
  • place the square with the marked point, right above the little thread you can see in the opened seam  
  • needle down trough the marked point 
  • do few stitches front and back to secure it and finish this side to the end.

I foud easy to start the other side from the point to the corner, secure at the end, in the corner, the same, few stitches, where is the marked point.
This is the result:
Below is the firs quilt.
The second one I have, is unfinished: I am totally "hooked" in a crochet mood  for about 2 months now, making pillow cases and blankets - I can't escape...(but I want to?!)
Well, happy...crocheting, my friends!

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