August 09, 2013

..."the sorcerer's (little) apprentice"...

Hello my friends,
I have some homemade sweets which I proudly present to you: they are all made by my old daughter, these last two days:

Wheat Semolina With Milk

We use this recipe. So-so-soooo gooood....
Now it is necessary to get out on a looong walk, must burn the calories ....
All the best and sweet kisses!

August 07, 2013

Crochet me a pillow, with love

Hello everyone,
Lately, I fell in love for real: the world of crochet work.
And I'm really hooked! I have already the top for 6 pillows! I think I made so many because I remembered all the pillows around me, during my childhood, from everywhere: my mom's pillows, my aunt's pillows, and of course, my grandmother's (nobody-know-how-many-not-just-decorative) pillows...
I found SOLVEIG'S blog - from Norway, that has an excellent TUTORIAL that I followed up with this result:


For the next one the yarn was a little thicker. I like those big flowers!
Here's the back of my work:
Thank you so much, Solveig, your work is so amazing!
For now, my projects are just for some pillow covers, but I'm thinking about a blanket, too...
How do you like these!? Do you crochet?? - let me know!
Well, all the best for you, my friends; I'll say this time: "Happy...crocheting!"

August 06, 2013


...From my garden, this year.

All the best, my friends!