June 29, 2013

At the end of June

Hello my friends,
Gosh, time is flying so badly, it hurts! Hope you all are fine, young and happy!
Summer vacation is here, rainy days never ends....uh! but we have to keep it up, all the time! right?!
I have my mind sane(my opinion!), just because I'm thinking projects to make! lots and lots of projects! (and I kindly pray to God, just if He can and want to give me the time to finish all of them!)
Since my last post, I've done some sewing...

For this quilt I had pieced more than 1500 patches! Thanks again, for all the nice comments there, from my friends, on Flickr!

This one was fun to make! I had few scraps from my black and white "Bargello" quilt and also I was happy trying a new, never used fabric.
I'm in love with Lone Star quilts.....so I've made a second one! Long way till finish!
And because summer vacation is here, I have time in the mornings and I also had to keep it down, I've started this
"Pretty Flowers"
Hexies, hexies, hexies...just 1/4" side. I use isometric paper and EQ 5 to made my design for this small project. I want a miniquilt, like a mugrug, to put my pincushion, thread and scissors while I'm doing handquilting. I'll need 8 flowers and 2 shades of green.
All the best for you!
Happy sewing!