May 14, 2013

Before borders

How pretty is this?!
Well, I love all about it: all the fabrics, all those prints, the epp technique...
My EQ5 "helped" me find the best layout, for a while...That's what I thought, but no!

I found, in a wonderful book I have, "Quilts Of America" by Erica Wilson, from 1979, an awesome, awesome image for a "Flower Garden" quilt! I like it so much! 
My fabrics aren't silk, I'm working with cotton, always cotton, but I feel it so right: this is my final choice!
So, here I am!
Before adding the borders, this is the front of my small replica, for that gorgeous silk, circa 1850 !  
 And the back! Isn't this pretty, too!?

Now, back to work,
Happy sewing, my friends!

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