May 14, 2013

Before borders

How pretty is this?!
Well, I love all about it: all the fabrics, all those prints, the epp technique...
My EQ5 "helped" me find the best layout, for a while...That's what I thought, but no!

I found, in a wonderful book I have, "Quilts Of America" by Erica Wilson, from 1979, an awesome, awesome image for a "Flower Garden" quilt! I like it so much! 
My fabrics aren't silk, I'm working with cotton, always cotton, but I feel it so right: this is my final choice!
So, here I am!
Before adding the borders, this is the front of my small replica, for that gorgeous silk, circa 1850 !  
 And the back! Isn't this pretty, too!?

Now, back to work,
Happy sewing, my friends!

May 08, 2013

Mini Quilts, Baby Quilts, Mini Quilts

Hello, my friends!
I worked hard to finish many baby quilts, and all before Easter!
I used Warm & Natural Cotton Batting; five from these quilts are hand quilted. The binding is applied by hand. They are light, warm, soft, a delight to touch and feel.
For the first three quilts here, I made the binding scrappy, being inspired by the square patch with bunny, bordered with 4 bright colors: pink, yellow, dark purple and green! I am so happy with these bindings!!

 The blue quilts with cats are miniatures after my third quilt, which I love and use so much!

Love them all...
Happy sewing!

May 07, 2013

All my love... for you!
My big words today, are: "I love you, MOM! Happy Birthday!"

She did for us, for me and my little brother, all what a mother can do for her children, in their lives.
Only now I can see, when I have my own kids, how much she sacrificed and how little she cared for herself.
I need more than my lifetime, to THANK YOU, MOM!


May 06, 2013

'Eh, What's up, Doc?'

Cute, but unwanted! He's eating my roses!!!

'That's All, Folks!'

Happy sewing!

May 05, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hristos a Inviat!
(That Easter Banner was made in 2010, by my youngest daughter.
Brings back nice memories, I'm so glad we keep it!!)

Happy sewing!...and for me too, but after Easter pass!

May 01, 2013


Hello everyone,
For a long time I didn't get the chance to post a word! and lots has happened in the meantime in my small, quilting world.
But today, I want to "say" a picture about my new project, my old dream:
an Irish Chain Quilt. (I admire Irish, in every way: history, character, places, culture)

I'll do a simple Irish Chain this time using this pattern and maybe a double or a triple next time.
A! and it will be just on green, different printed fabrics.
The block size is 6 1/2 " ; the finished size will be 69" x 75".
Thank you all, so much for visiting my blog,
Happy sewing, my friends!