February 28, 2013


Hello everyone,

We use to celebrate spring on March 1th, whith a little white and red string, named "Mărțișor" .
Because of this, I'll made coasters for my daughters, instead to give them some little talismans.
I drew M and V letters on cardboard and then I cut out their outline, by hand, from "golden" fabric.
I'll use gold thread to apply them.
The white and red striped fabric is the only piece I have, that's why, I can't imagine too many possibilities to do whith, even if I had them, just a "line" on the bottom of my coasters to remind they are for the... "Mărțișor" thing...

 A red binding strip, 1 1/4" wide, like I usually do, and a gold string for hanging them.....
I also use to zig-zag the sides to secure them better.

I must finish these until tomorrow morning....

All the best, my friends and happy sewing!

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