February 15, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Hello my friends,
Today I finished my darling Double Wedding Ring quilt top. I am so happy!

I was able to put different coloured circles in all my intersections and it is nice to look after the same print in rings, also some of them had symmetries.
Now I have to find a fabric for the back! - and I feel like I'll finish this one in front of so many others quilts I have, waiting to be finished....Will see.

Meanwhile, I listened "Cold Play" - 2012 live concert, actually, this is the fifth time. I like it! I like it a lot! Oh, my!! all those scene colors are as in my quilt. Cool.
 (My quilt name can be "Do not play cold a wedding!" - just kidding!)

Happy sewing! Happy quilting!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks amazing. Great Job!

Patchwork DailyDesire said...

Thank you so much!