January 20, 2013

I need a pouch!

My dear friends,
Being my first post for 2013, I wish you all the best for this year!!

I needed a pouch!
And how every time, something new is exciting - a new fabric gives me a lot of imagination! - for this reason I went to a thrift store (like always, when I'm looking for a good deal on buying fabrics).
I had a luckily chance to find one yard from this Japanese print for just $0.99!!
Wow. "Kimono Collection" by Hoffman. A pleasure to touch it!

From a few scraps, I cut one inch squares and  I made hexagons, for these two flowers.
A white zipper, a piece of elastic and little fabric to line the pouch. 
The fabric has a touch of golden, that's why I choose to make decorative stitches with golden thread, instead of applying leaves and stems.
And this is the...red side:
...this is the green side:
I'm pleased with this result for now, but I'll try some other possibilities for the shape of the pouch and I'll use this beautiful fabric.
Hope you like it!
Happy sewing, my friends!