October 31, 2012

What can you find inside!

Hello my friends,
Tonight is Halloween!
We didn't celebrate this day before, but now, here, we do it for the kids, to have fun.
I bought three pumpkins few weeks ago, I kept them outside, on our porch, until last night, when finally, carving time came!
It was a nice surprise for all of us, and so lovely to find some seeds already on their way, to life.....
Carving pumpkins it's something new for us. But I had to admit, it's a lot, a lot, of fun!
And this...

I'll keep he seeds, they are good for intestinal worms! (well, we don't have worms, yet, but who knows... chhh...) And for next year I really intend to plant some of them.
And...a lot of patchwork happend since my last post, but about this, later!
                          HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!!