September 22, 2012


...on the first day of fall, from my garden.
Have a wonderful autumn, my friends!

September 06, 2012


32 - I have them all done! I worked these, from June 15, until September 1.
Finally, today I found time to take pictures.
I'm so in love with all these flowers!
I had tried really hard, for each of them, to keep a symmetry, I positioned all the hexagons to have a new nice print design around them, and I followed the orientation with the lengthwise grain for each flower.
I'll do the same for the next steps, until the quilt will be finished.



My dinning room is my sewingroom...I love the large window in here!

Where I take my pictures....


These are all 32: 14 flowers with a white fabric, light and delicate printed with small, red roses and 18 flowers with that "freckled" lime fabric. 
Ther is not so much to do from now, I just have to cut now 11 x 32 = 352 light green/or white hexagons to go around the flowers and from a dark green fabric another...1,000,000,000 few hexies.
...happy sewing, everyone!

September 04, 2012

...sweet job on Kalanchoe...

He was so big and hardworking!
I enjoyed watching how he was doing his sweet job. wonder they love to "bee" ...Bumble-Bee... busy! and they are ...Bumble Bee... always happy!
I'll be too!...

...And be glorious, like this flower, the first one this year, in our garden,

...with many, many buds that will bloom. I see beautiful mornings to come.
And some late, strawberry flowers; I was so happy when I saw them!
Well, in the meantime, I finished all my 32 flowers for one of my next "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt.
Happy sewing!