August 09, 2012

Start the third row...NOW!!!

   Hello my dear friends,

I'm pretty happy today: I finished all the hexagons I need, for 32 flowers, row 3.
From lime print, for 18 flowers: 324 hexagons; from white, for 14 flowers: 252 hexagons.
They are here, all 576, together, and I am so ready to start!
(...I feel like at the Olympics.....)
Happy, happy sewing!


Prof. S said...

Wow! You do deserve a medal!!

A. said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comment.
I feel already, a winner, especially when the finish line seems so close now.

Bing said...

did you make the paper hexies template or did you buy them? and what size are they? awesome work!

Patchwork DailyDesire said...

Thank you! I made the template (the hexagon side is 1")and cut every paper hexie. ..