July 30, 2012

No more burned fingers

Hello friends!
I am pleased: my first cozies for tea/coffee cup are ready!
I love them; both look like mini quilts. I find this cute.
Thank you so much for your beautiful free cross stitch chart, Lynn B.


Funny, my mom gave me some buttons, from her old blouses, a long time ago.
Now I find two of them to fit with the theme and they are also very cute.
Having so many scraps and leftovers fabrics, I'm now tempted to make more of these...

Happy sewing!

July 28, 2012

Cozies for hot tea/coffee cups

Thinking to find a good, useful, and fun way to use the scraps( I have a lot!!) I've stopped at this cozy tea/coffee cup.
At the beginning it was like a joke; I wasn't realy set up yesterday to make this, but after I positioned a few triangles - leftovers from here , I saw how the "passion" can grow...

I love the binding and it couldn't be missed:

And my first cross stitch "Coffee time", from here ! an amazing blog!

They are finished now, I'll upload pictures later.
Have a happy weekend my friends and of course,
Happy sewing!

July 27, 2012

Keep the print!

Hello my dear friends!
Sometimes I go and buy only new sheets from thrift store because I like to have the back for my quilts in one piece.
I love this fabric! I use it for this quilt back , now with the big left overs I have, I decided to cut triangles for my first and big GFG and for this small GFG , too.
I realy like to have the same print for a flower so I cut the fabric in a manner to make my work easy and keep track with the print.
I'm trying to obtain the same design for my third row and for this I've cut 18 hexagons for the same flower, in the warp direction.

 ...fix the paper hexagons with pins, keep them together and cut one by one for basting....

This is it!
I still have much work from now on, so ... I'll go to work!! I wish you like always:
Happy sewing!!!

July 26, 2012

A tasty ... scrappy mug rug

Finally, thunderstorm last night...I enjoy this weather!! I like rain in summer.
But my garlic doesn't...  I had to harvest.
Garlic cloves are so cute, like small pieces of fine porcelain.

And they are so tasty ...
This is a mug rug I made from an old kitchen towel and some leftovers. It looks scrappy but I'm pleased with the result. I like a lot the red-green combination.
Do you like garlic?

Happy sewing!

July 17, 2012

Flowers to enjoy and relax

Hello my dear friends,

I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me, is nothing better then have something to do every time!
But to try your patience and skills with this...

I had never dare to think I'll ever try such a method like English paper piecing!
I have some hexagons but bigger and they aren't epp.
I started this and I can't stop. I love them all.

Well...What do you think???
Happy sewing!!!!