April 30, 2012

Fresh, fully assembled

Hello everyone,
Today I finished the quilt. I really love it.

I saw many times those scenes from the movie and I realized, that quilt, has no binding applied! is edge stitched.
I will respect the handqulting and I will apply a binding to mine.
Hope you like it!

Happy sewing!

April 25, 2012

That impressive quilt...

...from "Sleepy Hollow". It haunts me for a long time.

It was my obsession for my very next quilt. I was thinking for something nice, something dear.

(me too, like many others, I just love, love, love the actor!
...Jonny, oh, Johnny, I must make a special, real effort not to see you Jack Sparrow all the time.)

And today, don't know from where.....I find a template, I started to cut, to select some fabrics.
I just hope it will be fast and easy to sew this one.
I want to have a beautiful quilt at the end.

Happy sewing!

April 23, 2012

A cozy mushroom for my own little teacup

This is what I did a few days ago.
A mushroom coaster.
Just one, for me...

I'll try to design some different shapes and find an easy way to sew the little thing.
Isn't this cute!?

I realy like it.

 Happy sewing!

April 21, 2012

Jeans 1 Jeans 2

Thank you all, for visiting this place.

It's awful how fast time flies!
It's almost painful when you realize that. We all feel that ...

But ... we should always raise our heads and ...sew something.
I sewed a lot lately...(no too many pictures) and I stopped knitting for Tatiana; I need to now find the mood and patience to photograph her wearring those sweaters (and socks!) ​​

I also have some images for you...

...Happy sewing!