December 11, 2012

My friend today, is a striped fabric

Hello my friends,
I had no intentions to make this today, but I found this fabric and I start to think!

 I made a template from cardboard, a diamond at 45deg, positioned first horizontally

This small one is made from scarps from the first option.
 ...and a vertically option, for the second try - this time, no scraps!

I like this. I'll try more, and with different fabrics, too.
I see some future pillows...
Happy sewing, my friends! 

November 15, 2012

30' white pillow

      Maybe this never-ever weared white knitted blouse, can be used to make something useful for all of us, instead to throw it out??
      Well, let's see...first, make it flat, mark as much as you can, fix it with some pins...

...zig-zag the area and cut; I'm going to use the sleeves, too: I'll make few cozies for hot tea/coffee cups. Turn the pillow, make an inside pillow; close the open and ...Voilà! A cozy white knitted pillow, to complete you home decor. That's all! My new pillow was ready in...30 minutes. What do you think?? - I hope you like it!

Happy sewing, my friends!

October 31, 2012

What can you find inside!

Hello my friends,
Tonight is Halloween!
We didn't celebrate this day before, but now, here, we do it for the kids, to have fun.
I bought three pumpkins few weeks ago, I kept them outside, on our porch, until last night, when finally, carving time came!
It was a nice surprise for all of us, and so lovely to find some seeds already on their way, to life.....
Carving pumpkins it's something new for us. But I had to admit, it's a lot, a lot, of fun!
And this...

I'll keep he seeds, they are good for intestinal worms! (well, we don't have worms, yet, but who knows... chhh...) And for next year I really intend to plant some of them.
And...a lot of patchwork happend since my last post, but about this, later!
                          HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!! 

September 22, 2012


...on the first day of fall, from my garden.
Have a wonderful autumn, my friends!

September 06, 2012


32 - I have them all done! I worked these, from June 15, until September 1.
Finally, today I found time to take pictures.
I'm so in love with all these flowers!
I had tried really hard, for each of them, to keep a symmetry, I positioned all the hexagons to have a new nice print design around them, and I followed the orientation with the lengthwise grain for each flower.
I'll do the same for the next steps, until the quilt will be finished.



My dinning room is my sewingroom...I love the large window in here!

Where I take my pictures....


These are all 32: 14 flowers with a white fabric, light and delicate printed with small, red roses and 18 flowers with that "freckled" lime fabric. 
Ther is not so much to do from now, I just have to cut now 11 x 32 = 352 light green/or white hexagons to go around the flowers and from a dark green fabric another...1,000,000,000 few hexies.
...happy sewing, everyone!

September 04, 2012

...sweet job on Kalanchoe...

He was so big and hardworking!
I enjoyed watching how he was doing his sweet job. wonder they love to "bee" ...Bumble-Bee... busy! and they are ...Bumble Bee... always happy!
I'll be too!...

...And be glorious, like this flower, the first one this year, in our garden,

...with many, many buds that will bloom. I see beautiful mornings to come.
And some late, strawberry flowers; I was so happy when I saw them!
Well, in the meantime, I finished all my 32 flowers for one of my next "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt.
Happy sewing!

August 27, 2012

"Bistro" cozy - for hot coffee cup

Hello my dear friends,
I had a lot of scraps, nice prints with bistro cafe, coffee beans, cup, and text; I was trying to find a good combination of prints to go with all those small shapes, and I really wanted to give them the same look, like they were made after a pattern.
So, I've made one, just cutting the big shape for cozy, in small pieces, having my "inspiration" for them after the shape of my scraps.  

Must find some buttons now, and they are done!
(And all this time I was hardly working on my flowers . ...some news about them, later)
Happy sewing!

August 23, 2012

I love ducks

...and they love us...

...that's all...

Happy sewing!

August 21, 2012

Last year, today...

I'm here, Patchwork Daily Desire, one year old....

I wish you all the best!!! and happy sewing!!!

August 20, 2012

100 green beans

For sure, next year I'll grow beans in my little garden!
This was the first year and first time when I've done gardening; I started late, after our fence was done.

Today I've got 100 green beans! (I must prepare some fresh garlic for them!)
Big indeed, a great, wonderful, refreshment for summer days!

And some delicate pansies for you, my dear readers!

Happy gardening, happy sewing!

August 16, 2012

Dew drops. And Clematis decided to blom...

How refreshing can be to see this in the morning?! ...

...and feel the earth under your bare feet?! .... it fills me with good energy!

I'm pretty sure, these are some happy strawberry leaves! Even if is so small and I recently planted, this Clematis seems to feel comfortable and at home, and decided to bloom.

Now I think that is a good day to start ... sewing!!

Happy sewing!