September 15, 2011

Wrinkling fabrics - Tutorial

Late, I saw a lot of products, wonderful jobs, very well done, and I thought that could be helpful if I would share an easy method with all my friends. But, maybe some of you already know this technique.
I found much easier to obtain a wrinkled ribbon, lace or piece of fabric if I used the elastic thread on a bobbin.
So for this, instead to fill the bobbin with regular thread, I fill it with elastic.
I hand wind the bobbin without stretching the elastic thread, until I had the bobbin almost full.
 The top of the sewing machine was threaded with a regular sewing thread.
I put the bobbin in the sewing machine and thread the bobbin as I would do with a regular sewing thread.
 I did all the next maneuvers gently:
   -bring the elastic thread up through the sewing machine throat plate,
   - leave a long tail of thread (and you don’t have to use the automatic thread cutting if your sewing machine has one).
 I found 3.0 or 4.0 a very good stitch length so set your machine on this.

 I have tried a 2.0 but no results on cotton fabric.
 You can gently pull the elastic thread and get the ribbon more wrinkled.
I also played a little with the stitch linearity and look at this!!!

The thicker the fabric, the longer stitch you must set.
Anyway, use scraps to set the machine and the amount of the bunch.
Again, hope this will help you.

Happy sewing!

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