December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

My dear friends, Happy New Year!
I wish you all the best for 2019! You, your family and friends, be safe and healthy!
God bless us all!

Happy sewing!

December 25, 2018


...Merry Christmas my dear friends! I wish you all a magical time these days!
Sending you a HUGE "Thank You" for reading my posts and visiting my blog.

 Merry Days!
Hugs and Happy sewing!

April 01, 2018

A Mother's Love

Hello my dear friends!

I have a recent story I would like to share.
True and touching moments, made me thankful and happy from the beginning to the end, to be the chosen one to fulfill a Mother's wish.
Recently I was asked if I can make two memory quilts. And so magic started....
Each step of the process was interesting, getting me involved in someones' life only by touching precious items, kept over time with so much love, care and hope that one day... the final project will put them together and build a whirlpool of memories.
I think is precious for a family to have elders, to learn from them, listen to their stories and advices, or just enjoying their presence.
For that I felt privileged unfolding a Vintage Memory Quilt.
What a beauty!

I was speechless, I felt like someone important was there, visiting me.
..."this old quilt - my customer said, is more than 70 years old...was made from two sisters dresses. My request is for two memory quilts, same like this one, using my two daughters dresses."
I said: "Yes!"
I said: "I'll make the quilts!"
And she told me a little about each little dress...

Pattern: "Hourglass" - 4" block. Borders 4" wide; white fabric for blocks, binding and backs.

And now, the dresses...

A Mother's love kept these dresses like dear memories, for such a long time! 
Soon enough I'll start the cutting that's why I had to take some pictures before!


Next steps: drafting patterns and cutting the dresses:
The fabric, 100% white cotton, was so nice to handle!
Then "Mark, Sew, Cut, Iron"

 Ready to be adjusted to 4"1/2 square
All steps delightful! I must tell you, I had a strong, wonderful feeling, all the time I worked on these quilts, like the little girls were always around me, wearing those dresses, kidding, talking, laughing, running and jumping, happy faces full of joy and innocence.
The blocks:

Must do step: split the blocks for two quilts, equally, like number, color and prints.
 The layouts:
(It wasn't windy...)

Having fun...

And finishing....

I enjoyed making these two memory quilts.
I need to thank my customer for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to make these beauties!
It was, honestly, a pleasure and a honor!
(Oh!...and I'll wait, so she can tell me if they will last at least 70 years from now, like their old model...)

Happy Easter to all!
Happy crafting, happy sewing!

January 30, 2018

30 stitches

Hello friends!

Glad you are here to find out about the cute little project I managed to finish today! It's my second, actually, the first one was done last night! - my oldest daughter owns it already! I started a small green owl from soft, silky cotton yarn, and I had to suddenly put down my work and shot the first picture cuz the morning light was way too good on it. They were at that time, 30 stitches on the round.

I was fascinated about crochet for a long time and also always amazed with those teeny tiny toys, or as they are called "amigurumi". Some helpful tips and "hacks" one can find on a simple search around the web, lots of  wonderful, captivating blogs generously giving their easy to follow step by step tutorials along with beautiful pictures or videos.

Last night I searched images for "crochet key chain owl "!
An explosion of wonderful work around the world, many people happily making all kinds of colorful, joyful, some dancing owlies, from everywhere!! I must be honest, being tempted to have one myself, I put together few ideas, so my version now is this little one!

For the body, I liked the start from here , somehow the shape and the different color idea for the head from this blog, and the wings from this collage. Just to see how it's suppose to look like, and then find the right stitches to do it...

Here's the left wing attached
and ready to be put on the right wing...

The eyes inside has the plastic well fixed with those metalic claws.
the eyes waiting to be fixed all around with a light stitch. They look so real!

Finally, my owl has legs, each are a three in a row picots finished in the start stitch.
I sewed a swivel trigger snap hook and I had a charm for my purse!(but only for the time I took the pictures, right after that, it "flew" to my youngest's!! and is hanging now on her backpack!)

I am sure I'll make more of these, and that each will be slightly different from one to another.
But today, after I finished this guy I could finally start the hot cup cozies for Valentine's Day.
For those, I began to get ready days earlier, doing a few small pieces of cross stitch hearts. I had the diagrams and charts for these from old books like  "The ultimate cross stitch companion", "500 Flowers and Animals Cross Stitch Design" and a few old Romanian designs, completed for sure with some images from Internet and at the end, getting inspired by the nicely packaged candy hearts already on the stores. 

Crafting time finalized with this:

I'll keep working on these cozies so that they're done before Valentine's Day.
I found them a thoughtful gift for the loved ones. Wish me luck!

Happy sewing, happy crafting!

January 19, 2018

Happy New Year, 2018!

My dear friends, 
I sincerely wish you all, happiness, good health and well being for 2018!

Feels good to be back! I hope I find all of you just fine, after this break from blogging. It seams so long and yet, went so fast!
For me, spending precious time with my family comes first, but then is my second nature, crafting, looking for new ideas, finding inspiration in everything around me, trying to "see" the "how to" my next project can be done. It is simply the reason why every day along this past 12 (or more) months, I felt first that eagerness to think, create and make something or taking pictures, than posting. I was active on Flickr, for fast uploading one or two images and "run" for the next project. Then comes cooking and eventually traveling. We had the chance to go many wonderful places including Cuba.
I'll try  to illustrate the gap with some pictures.

 Messy Bun Hats (Interesting and useful)

Started Mandala Mania...with this lovely pattern

Made a Pokemon Ball Holder for my yarn needles, hooks and scissors

Trip Around The World Blanket - Tunisian Crochet

Magnolia Mandala Crochet pattern 
(started with one to try the pattern and finished a blanket)
(this one is a beauty! a dishcloth from cotton yarn)

This lovely lacy border, 75, 
 from "Around the Corner" - Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman

I must say, I had fun making patterns for a square, a corner and a side to fill the space between circles.

I was fascinated about 3D crochet, an easy to follow pattern for a little hat

 Willow Block Crochet - INSTANT LOVE!
Easy to follow, crochet "Willow Square", all 4 videos from here
I "tried" all my colored yarns, ended a 7 x 9 squares blanket!
More pictures here
Some soft and cozy Baby Blankets

From Cuba, amazing memories!
No need for more!

Best Birthday present ever, unique moment on the Atlantic shore.

Garden, lakes and some more stuff  here:

I can't miss the beautiful  flowers

 and finally waiting for Santa!!

Once again, my friends, I wish you all the best for 2018! and I must thank you so much for keep visiting my site! 

 It will be more to share, from my latest projects I'm working on right now, another Baby Blanket, some lip balm holders, few hot cup cozies - to be ready for Valentine's Day ... but for my next posts.
Until then,
Happy crafting! everyone!